Dimana Shishkova is born and raised in Bulgaria filmmaker,
with a passion for exploring traditional cultures
and their people from around the world.
After graduating in Geoecology from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Dimana moved to Berlin, where she is currently based and continuously improves her craft of storytelling.

Author of the full-length documentary The Bedechka Case
several documentaries for German national TV broadcasters,
news reports and interviews on current topics and affairs, 
as well as video courses and presentations.

About Me

My passion for filmmaking started in high school when I did video journals of class trips, class portrait, several short videos as presents for friends, and even a zero-budget zombie short movie. Later at university, I had my first professional gigs as a video editor for educational and presentational material, getting more insights in editing techniques and software.

During my final university project on the culture change of indigenous people of Venezuela, I made extensive experience in the art of conducting interviews, ethnographic observations, gathering, evaluation and presentation of qualitative data (including interview transcripts, photos and videos). The working approach and the topic of my research drew my attention towards the use of audiovisual formats as means of cultural transmission. At this point I decided to dedicate myself to the production of documentaries. After graduating, I moved to Berlin to work as a director’s assistant at Prounenfilm, organizing and coordinating documentary productions for German national broadcasters (ZDF/arte) in Berlin and abroad.

Between the summer of 2017 and 2020, I worked as an independent filmmaker on the production on my first self-produced full-length documentary The Bedechka Case. The 68-minute movie tackles the loss of urban green areas and its implication on society. Next to that project, I was honing my craft by shooting short videos of events, travels and portraits.

Since August 2020, I work as a Video Producer for the international media agency RT - planning, scheduling and conducting interviews and editing reports on current affairs for the German audience. 


This is a selection of the video content that I have produced since 2010. 
It includes presentational and educational materials, documentaries, and short films.